I have written seven Bible commentary books which are:
Scriptural Thoughts
Words To
Think About
The Apocalypse: 
The Unveiling
-The Beginnning
Commentary on the Gospel Book of John
Thy Word Is Truth
The Bible Books of 1st, 2nd and 3rd John
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 About the Books
  1. Commentary on the Gospel Book of John
    The Bible is a difficult book to read and especially if you are not a Christian, a ‘Born again’ believer. However, the book of John is one of the easiest to read and to began to understand Scripture. The very best way to comprehend God’s words is to read the Bible book and then read many commentaries on that book, written by different men. Above all, do not read just one commentary, because the writer may be prejudiced or even wrong in his assessment of the Biblical interpretation. The more one can read of Biblical history, archaeological findings, information and commentaries, the better one can understand. This occurrs because god helps us to comprehend that which He would have us understand. It is His Will that will be done. Sunday schools are a very good place for beginners. ​ One of the reasons Scriture is so difficult to understand is because astatement will be made in one area and answered in a totally different area. This means one has to have read and understood, remembered much Scripture. This book is very easy to understand, because this author uses the Bible verses to answer themselves with the applying related Scripture. May God bless you in your quest for Knowledge about Him.
  2. Thy Word Is Truth
    Thy Word is Truth is a short book describing circumstantial Biblical information and events that has been proven by science. The Bible is total truth and only needs to be read and understood to realize it. The proof of that statement is the connectedness and cohesiveness of the total Bibles prophesies and story. Jesus fulfilled 333 distinct prophesies concerning His life, why He came, what He would do, how He would live, His character and how He would die. These predictions were made by about forty-five different men over a period of roughly 1500 years. The odds against anyone fulfilling 333 events predicted about one person is an 84 with 98 zeros after it. Yes, it is possible that one man could possibly accomplish two, three - perhaps even seven events, but for one man to complete all 333 is impossible except for God too do it.
  3. The Bible Books of 1st, 2nd and 3rd John
    The Bible book of 1st, 2nd and 3rd John is written to finish commentary on the books of John. 1st, 2nd and 3rd John describes Gods tremendous love given to mankind by our Lord and savior. John states in verse one he had seen, touched, ate and fellowshipped with 'the Word of life.' Jesus is the one who gave all life to our universe and world. Life is not explainable! Life only comes from God. Life is a fleeting action which unites body and soul, but only for the duration of mortal life or until mortal death. The soul lives for eternity without a body, in a spiritual form. However, one may choose whether he lives with God or is separated from Him. You too may have eternal life with God. Find out how by reading the Bible and commentaries.
  4. What on Earth is God Doing for Heavens Sake
    Do creation days reveal God’s future plans? Was the flood universal or localized? When God said, “Let there be light,” did he foretell the incarnation? Is there a connection between Noah’s sons and the Middle East today? It turns out the Bible is one of the most misunderstood and mysterious books ever written. Although a best seller, the Bible is rarely read or thoughtfully analyzed, except by ministers and theologians. The Bible actually has the power to change people and cultures, but usually sits on a shelf, inert, its powers trapped between its covers. Scriptural Thoughts is an analysis of the bibles deeper meanings and unique concepts, many revealed for the first time. Using the Scriptures, this short book offers a ‘read between the lines’ spiritual examination by applying metaphor to Scripture verses and truth. Ray Cross was a design engineer for IBM, involved with advanced technology being built in the Silicon Valley of California during the 60’s and 70’s. Through thorough research, Bible reading, hours of study and analytical thought, Ray became convinced of the truth of God’s word.
  5. Words To Think About
    Words To Think About is a collection of Biblical Essays that was written for The Southern Reporter. The response Ray received for these essays lead him to create this amazing book. It is a compilation of various Bible messages, using particular verses, analyzed as condensed thoughts. If you have not already done so, hopefully this book will help you to see, to better understand, to know the truth and seek your Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. May God bless you!
  6. The Apocalypse: The Unveiling
    The Bible is one of the most misunderstood and mysterious book ever written. Popular to buy but seldom read, it usually sits on bookshelves or coffee tables unused. However, people who do read and believe the Scriptures know for certain it has the power to change lives. This book, The Apocalypse, is written as an assembling of all that is known about the book of Revelation. It is a compilation of many Biblical scholars' thoughts regarding interpretations of some of the symbols used by God to describe His prophesies in this book. Of course, much is still unknown, but you are able to add-or subtract-basic thoughts simply by studying the Holy Writ yourself. God will show you some things more clearly than me or anyone else-God wants to inform you!
  7. Genesis - The Beginnning
    The Bible is one of the most wonderful, most mysterioous and most misunderstood books ever written. It is a diffficult book to actually sit down and read. Does this book actually predict the future? Was this book really given to man from God? Was the flood universal or localized? Did the Ark actually land on Mount Ararat? (It is there, believe it!) The answers are given in the Bible, beginning with Genesis. Although a best seller, the Bible is rarely read or thoughtfully analized, except by ministers or theologions. The Bible is meant for all humans to read and understand. The book of 'Genesis - The beginning' is an attempt to help people better understand God's word and His plans for you. 'Genesis - The Beginning' is a simple presentation of understanding given by some of the deeper insights in God's actual words. Read the Bible for yourself to gain God's wisdom, but also read as many Biblical commentaries as you can to grasp the absolute truth given in the Scriptures. Proverbs 9:10 tells us:The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is insight. (ESV) These words are truth
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